Make Genuine Money from Online through Pay-TO-Click Platforms

There have been a revolution in digital advertising whereby in digital advertising platforms shares the advert fees they take from their advertisers with their subscribers. And this system is called "pay to click" which in short is referred to as PTC.

So what is PTC?

PTC is a system whereby digital advertising platforms pushes links of their advertiser's website to their subscribers to click on them to be redirected to their 3rd parties (advertisers) websites.

Benefits of PTC

A. Advertiser

1. Advertisers only pays for real clicks which draw traffic to their websites. And as you know, the higher the traffic a website owner gets, the higher the probability of generating leads for onwards sales.

2. As many people visits particular websites for sometimes, it offers them a high ranking on Search Engines subsequently. That means your website will be showing up anytime internet users try to search information and when they type in any word or group of words known as "keyword search" that relate to content on your websites. 

B. PTC Subscriber - free to join

Subscribers get paid daily for clicking to view those websites. The money being earned from these platforms will not make you rich though, but can take care of some bills. Though there're lots of these platforms, I recommend the following. They are links that takes you to their website so click to register.